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Several of the country’s leading care home operators have joined forces ahead of the forthcoming national public inquiry into the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.

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The new group, Independent Care Homes Scotland (ICHS), already comprises 12 operators, which, between them, employ almost 14,000 staff across 166 care homes.

We are calling on other independent operators to join ICHS to help ensure all facets of the independent care sector are fully represented within the inquiry.

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ICHS, which has retained lawyers and a leading KC, has already made a formal submission suggesting key areas the inquiry should cover, based on direct experience on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The submission and ongoing work aims to complement the wider industry body Scottish Care, forming a distinct voice for the independent care home sector, and ensuring that the interests, concerns and experiences of residents, families and employees are fully represented.

Our submission, to those drawing up the terms of reference for the inquiry, covered issues ranging from decision to discharge untested hospital patients into care homes, the lack of PPE, testing and equipment, to frequently varying advice, involvement of NHS and employment laws and procedures.

The ICHS is keen to hear from other independent care home operators, allowing those within the sector to come together to submit collective evidence, expertise and experience.

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